Comment: Are they are filling up those plastic bottles with hot water?

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Are they are filling up those plastic bottles with hot water?

Lining the beer cans with platic bishpenol A? Medicating the public water supply with fluoride which is really what prozac is derived from? Lowering sperm, testosterome and hypofeminizing girls with the estrogen from plastic is nothing more than birth control. Fluoride is plain and simple a bioweapon. A side effect/toxic biproduct that the makers of bombs and aluminum can sell back instead of disposing of it. Mining the Uranium -isn't fluoride and phosphate at the same strata? Or aren't phosphates a biproduct of uranium? Notice that products brag "no phosphates"? Notice how toxic Tide and other detergents are now? I'd bet the ranch that The Chinese are recycling their toxic waste into our laundry detergents. And the FDA doesn't function at all. Notice the smell reeks when you dry your clothes? It doesn't rinse out. Your kids are laying on sheets and wearing it all day. Oh puke. This fluoride in the water is the biggest scam of the last century. Don't get me started. Please buy a under the sink reverse osmosis system. Add 1/4 teaspoon per quart to alkalinze it. Delicious. Get a plumber to install it. Please start documenting just how much all that plastic water costs you, and the earth is choking on plastic. There's a huge plastic island in the ocean. Please save some glass bottles and use them no matter how stupid it looks to the unenlightened.