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Stop associating "liberty" (and the right to persue it)

with value-added ideologies. One does not have to have a philosophy or code or laws to be free.

NAP / Self-Ownership are Value-Added

Consumer-Sovereignty is Value-Free

All ideologies end "doggedly" (or dogmatically).

They begin to unionize -- they vote and lobby -- so their control over force-agency will work to their belief system.

Value-Free Analysis and Consumer-Sovereignty is a better basis for Individualism then is NAP and Self-Ownership.

By using the phrase NAP you are making it Rothbardian -- if you want to say Libertarians "believe" in yadda yadda yadda then you are starting a religious system of ideals.

Meditate on the simplicity of Value-Free vs Value-Added Analysis (this is one of two fundemental areas Mises and Rothbard disagreed).