Comment: What do you mean calm down?

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What do you mean calm down?

Like the fluoridated jews in the Nazi concentration camps? They were given fluoride in order to "calm the masses". Just GOOGLE "I G FARBEN". And no one here hysterical. You are talking to informed and educated people here. I challenge anyone to get off the public/corporate water supply. You'll lose the brain fog and be able to recall phone numbers, addresses, after hearing them only once- no matter how old you are. I'm sure I would have not had to work so hard in college if I had known then what I know now. Or- if thats just quackery to you, "Sally Sensation": DRINK UP sister. They sell baby water by the gallon - loaded with it. When you start getting big and slow and sluggish.. go get your thyroid checked - what's left of it anyway. Some schools have fluoride cartridges in the water fountains. Notice SRA standardized testing of children in the 1960's coincided with the fluoridation of our water supply. Cause we can't have too many really smart people running around asking alot of questions. Just ask Charlotte Isberyte.