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OCTO- I Said Neither Because

...I am a Christian who does not believe in the atonement doctrine as it is presented in most branches of institutionalized religion.

My God *would not* and *could not* condemn his SON to such unspeakable agony. My God would never require nine words..."I believe in Jesus Christ as my personal savior" as some kind of all important password phrase to "get into heaven."

My God and his Son having foreknowledge of all things (which, to me, does not contradict freewill) *might* have chosen this backwards little planet with all its darkness and willful greed, deceit, a backdrop for an expression of the Father's love and mercy (quite an upstep from the wrathful God of Old Testament written and rewritten and edited history.

My God just might have a natural law that the entrance to heaven has more to do with *not* being void of anything of value to carry over to the next life even with his immeasurable "mercy credits" making up for the obvious handicaps of life on such a planet. I try not to judge; however, many on this planet must be using up their mercy credits given the acts they commit.

My God and his Son would ensure that *anyone* lacking in spiritual curiosity due to upbringing, education, geography would, of course, have an much opportunity to make eternity decisions.

And, perhaps...just perhaps Bible restatements of real (not allegory to me) events like the great temptation (he wasn't tempted but we were, are and will continue to be) and the Sermon on the Mount just might be seen after we graduate from this time/space orb of confusion in a different light.

And, I AM NOT 'chillin in the bliss' because I believe "to he whom much is given, much is expected" and I am not only NOT indifferent to the fate of 10 billion people...I am everyday devastated and sorrowful about it.

And, finally, I believe that Jesus came to give us his knowledge and relationship with Our Father and never intended that the emphasis be placed on what men did to beauty, truth and goodness. Oh, and I do believe he resurrected and *that* that was part of the plan. Would have worked out much better if he had been able to stick around a little longer until he real message took root...die an natural death of old age...and resurrect in the same way for the same purpose; ie to show that it sure doesn't have to be all over after 7 or so decades on this not very evolved planet. Oh, and I believe in evolution and creationism and see no conflict although both stories are probably at this point pretty incomplete.