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Your "words" please my mind

I'd welcome you and your DID to my table any day of the week -- at the very least it would be entertaining to watch the flow of your streaming consciousness -- if you could handle in-all-good-humor my Twain-esque repartee.

By what tradition have you come to "believe" in the way you do -- if absolutism be without a house-of-referrence cannot it be absolutism?

If it be not then the Hell cannot exist to you -- if it is compulsory that we go to Hell for "not knowing" something (blindly) then that is not a philosophy of individualism, rather a dogmatic-doctrine-(of)-dictatorship.

Since I would not "lord over" others my mind cannot be troubled by "hell" (or that they might wind up there) -- if I thought for once that that was a possibility I would be like you and have no peace.

Being "bewildered - bedraggled - bewitched" by the march to eternal torture that 99% of all created are-in and 99% of those living today (or those that will come tomorrow) will-be-in would be(rightly so) maddening.

I don't envy your inner torture but it is just -- otherwise if you had a moment of ecstacy, rapture, bliss, or peace (in God) you would be in-humane (to say the least).

Your God must be in the longest throws of torture -- if he were watching his children march into perpetual tearing-ripping-burning-gnawing hell.

But -- if you and I are correct that means 99% of all those that ever "believed" in Hell and 99% that still do are wasting their time.

The worst I've ever done to my daughter was to ground her (to her room) -- maybe a spanking or two. If I'm created as spark of the divine image then I'd expect him to be MORE compassionate rather than less.

If the latter is what I accept then what parts of the Bible do I start ignoring and to whom to I keep my fellowship?

Wouldn't it be wiser then to find religions that never offer a hell or who have proven to create wiser-smarter-more-peaceful products?

Where does your absolutism begin and end (in the former regard -- are you "open" to practicing any religion that suits one?)?