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You should also avoid

You should also avoid glycerin in your toothpastes which most all toothpastes, including flouride free, contain. The glycerin, according to some critics, coats the teeth and inhibits the saliva's natural remineralization effects. One should also take k2(mk-4) suppliments and/or get it from natural sources as well as supplimenting with FCLO. More info can be found in Ramiel Nagel's book based on the teachings of Weston Price.

My son's first adult teeth recently came in without enamel and I am trying this protocol on him. I just started a week ago and I think I am seeing a positive effect. If we are successful in reversing his enamel hypoplasia and strengthening his teech with this protocol, I will make a main post because this is a fascinating topic I think many here on DP will be interested in.