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Octo and Fonta Have Communion

"I'd welcome you and your DID to my table any day of the week -- at the very least it would be entertaining to watch the flow of your streaming consciousness -- if you could handle in-all-good-humor my Twain-esque repartee."

Have no idea what my DID is but I would never tire of Twain-esque repartee and would be most honored to sit at your table and share my streaming consciousness with your streaming consciousness. . I would know I was in a "safe place" however vigorous the "streaming." Such a rare event that experience is now days. I do not like to debate only from scriptures and religious texts as I feel they have all been tampered with and require being placed both in a historical context and an understanding of the motives of those placing them into the annals of history.

So I would prefer NOT to come from that place at your table as you have a vast amount of knowledge that I simply do not have. I have no interest in debating historical religious texts although I have read much, absorbed some and have utmost respect for the texts and the proponents of the texts. Personally believe that Jesus spoke in parables for many reasons. Perhaps there was a message therein to come from your own life, your own stream and share from that unique standpoint, profiting all participants to the maximum with something they have not heard before. Let others debate texts. I'll read...but seem to have little to offer.

"By what tradition have you come to "believe" in the way you do -- if absolutism be without a house-of-referrence cannot it be absolutism?"

Traditions? Many and all. However, once upon a time someone gave me a religious text and in doing so said "Do not believe a word in it." Since that time I have flown like a liberated bird in reading any religious text, convinced that it was neither blasphemous nor ignorant *not* to believe every word in it. Now I just flit hither and yon..collecting nuggets and gems, curious about everything, respectful of others...but following my own path as dots connect in my own personal spiritual experience. Absolutism about anything? Hardly,as that would be quite vain and it is important to me to believe it is a never-ending quest of personal exploration and adventure. In fact, I am rather suspicious of anyone on this planet who seems to think they have found the end-all answer to anything. I do not believe that is possible and only leads to a closed mind.

"If it be not then the Hell cannot exist to you -- if it is compulsory that we go to Hell for "not knowing" something (blindly) then that is not a philosophy of individualism, rather a dogmatic-doctrine-(of)-dictatorship."

In agreement. How dare anyone put such constraints on the individual. Not compulsory as I do not come from fear. What greater hell for one who is driven to proceed and grow than to, than of their own volition , use up all available mercy credits and have absolutely nothing to add to a higher level or dimension of existence. To be as if one had never that would be a much greater hell then to eternally incinerate as demons laugh and ridicule. It does however seem much like living in such a hell as I see innocents incinerated while demons laugh and ridicule them. Such a life on such a planet. Still I have peace in knowing this is but a prelude.

"But -- if you and I are correct that means 99% of all those that ever "believed" in Hell and 99% that still do are wasting their time."

Don't know the percentile...however, cannot imagine living in that kind of fear day in and day out. To me, there is a much better way; however, apparently many disagree or else they have just not considered an alternative.

"The worst I've ever done to my daughter was to ground her (to her room) -- maybe a spanking or two. If I'm created as spark of the divine image then I'd expect him to be MORE compassionate rather than less."

That has for many years been my conviction and what a plan that we have the opportunity to learn that thorough the unconditional love of parenthood. Came to the same conclusions through he same experience, I did.

"If the latter is what I accept then what parts of the Bible do I start ignoring and to whom to I keep my fellowship? Wouldn't it be wiser then to find religions that never offer a hell or who have proven to create wiser-smarter-more-peaceful products?"

The person who told me..."don't believe a word in it" (who believe it or not has no recollection of saying that to me)...added, "you will know what to accept when your truth bells go off." It has worked for me. I don't worry about it if my truth bells don't go off. Either I am not ready for is is not true....or, if it seems possibly true...then use it for scaffolding. The book the person gave me is called The Urantia Book. It put my Christian background in a different perspective...actually brought it back to me with more depth and satisfaction. Do I believe every word in it or discount other texts? Absolutely not. And, that is as close to absolutism as I can get.

"Where does your absolutism begin and end (in the former regard -- are you "open" to practicing any religion that suits one?)?"

Not really. Seem to be on the grow as you go plan. And, I have "fellow-shipped" several places and find that satisfying...much more so now that I am much older and *things* don't set me off like they used to. Tolerance seems to come with age...ya know.

Communion is whenever two are more are gathered in the *name* of that divine spark that lives within each of us and insures we have the opportunity to grow spiritually as the unique expression of God that we are intended to be. I have very much enjoyed this communion with you.

Interesting guy...thought you might like this that I just stumbled upon as I googled Mark Twain and communion.