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Comment: Alex Jones already did this

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Alex Jones already did this

Alex Jones already did this, and the protests got zero attention from main stream media, so what makes Adam think this one will be any different.

Alex Jones chose to protest the Federal Reserve buildings in all the states rather than join the Occupy Wall Street movement which had just started at the same time. Instead of Alex Jones sending his viewers to the OWS protests where their message would be heard by media he instead chose to tell them to protest where their message WOULDN'T be heard or seen on MSM. Something a shill would do. What's Adams excuse for wasting the liberty movements energy and time on useless antics like this which will be seen by no one.

A million tea party supporters showed up in Washington D.C. on behalf of frauds like Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin and the main stream media pretty much ignored or discredited the event. When are those in the liberty movement going to learn these protests are a waste of time and energy. If you want others to hear our message the message must be brought to the streets of our own towns and cities where more people can participate and more people will see it.

I explained exactly how to bypass media and get our message out to the masses so everyone will see and hear it. It's one of the two posts listed in my profile if anyone like Adam cares to read it. Until those in the movement wake up to the fact that this is the only way you're going to get our message across to everyone the movement will continue to suffer from useless stunts like the one Adam proposes above.

I did hear Alex Jones mention he plans on putting out a newspaper to spread the liberty movements message. This idea too would work if the newspaper was made available to the whole U.S. The supporters of the liberty movement could volunteer to pay for and deliver these newspapers in their area thereby waking up everyone in the U.S. to our message of exposing the frauds in our elections, government, and media, and spreading the message of liberty. Ideas like this is where our energy should be focused. Not on another useless protest like the one Adam mentions.