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If you live in America and

If you live in America and your fear for your life of terrorism then I guarantee you're a moron(or you benefit in some way from the military industrial complex). There are a million everyday things more likely to kill you to be worried about. Sending our troops to go kill people in their own countries for no reason sure as heck doesn't help prevent terrorism.

Educate them? They don't want to be educated! They want to wallow in their ignorance while chanting USA USA USA. They get all the education they need from the tel-lies-vision.

I call them 'stupid' because I want to inflame them. I want them to show me why they think it's important to waste my tax dollars killing other people in their own countries for no reason. If these idiots want to war with Iran then they can head over there on their own dime and have at it, but that won't happen because most people that clamor for war are just armchair pussies that want someone else to do their dirty work for them.

I have studied Iran for years and I have yet to hear anyone make a reasonable argument as to why any American should fear them. Iran has not aggressively attacked another nation in hundreds of years while we've invaded and occupied 2 of Iran's largest neighbors in the last 10 years! I just don't get it.....