Comment: The lack of understanding of modern military tactics

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The lack of understanding of modern military tactics

the "evils" of civil war (the rape, the torture, the opportunism, the kidnapping for randsom) -- all of which would predominately be civilian-on-civilian -- is mind boggling.

#1 I don't think they'll come for your weapons
---It would be an astronmical cost to go door-to-door
---80 - 200M guns?

#2 Let's pretend they can use registration to get this done
---"oh kids came by today and stole them, here search the house"
---"here's my guns officer" -- *has 4 'un-registered' guns out back"

#3 No amount of civilian guns can win out against civil war -- it wont be the soliders that do the killing. They'll shut off the water, cut of supply chain, de-link satalites, and destroy key points of interstate. After that people will go civilian-on-civilian (as they did in Iraq -- the chief cause of death).
---Two months time and people will be robbing, begging, prostituting, raping, kidnap for randsom, home-invasion, and murdering each other (AS HAPPENED IN IRAQ).


My only point is that you need your guns for civilian-on-civilian defense -- not against a military this is not the Agrarian age where the farmers have better weapons then the military.

Fantasy Football offers better strategic-logic than an argument that guns will win a modern war.

I bet if they cut the damn cable 60% of the guns would come forward -- alone. Then they put out an offer for "any" gun to be brought in (no registration or proof of ownership) -- then you'll have "self-started" civil-unrest and riots as peole invade homes to get cable back on and to make money off of stolen guns.

Even if we were all united (in belief, in creed, in culture) it would be hard to win a civil war against a modern military. We'd lose 40 to 60% of the populace.

This is not going to happen -- but I'm just saying.