Comment: Samson Option, Israel's Political Insanity.

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Samson Option, Israel's Political Insanity.

+1. David, you wrote [[ This will bring about the final stages of the Middle East War and the end will be the destruction of Jerusalem by a nuclear device. (Isaiah 28) ]]. I wonder who will bomb JeruSalem, - the arabs lack capability, Iran is lacking too. Pakistan has the bomb, but I think it will not get involved in this dangerous conflict /game - for two reasons. 1, heavy U$ influence /pressure. & 2, about two hundred thousand palestinians living in JeruSalem.

Please also consider the "Samson Option" of Israel. I googled it and found many articles, pasting 2 links below -

ISRAELI POLITICAL INSANITY. THE SAMSON OPTION: Israeli Letter-poem to Grass: If We Go, Everyone Goes - by Gil Ronen -

The Samson Option Still Threatens the World, by Carol Moore,