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now I'm not sure

Your main repeated request seems to me is naming one of the just wars.
I thought that well half of my last reply was about the example of the recent civil war at Sri-Lanka (which was a civil war between Sinhalis indigenous at Sri-Lanka since millenias and Sri-Lankan Tamils -a diaspora originating from India residing mainly at the north of the Sri-Lanka) and argumentation bringing it back to the "chest" (although what we call "heart", emotionality, resides in "heart" -but of the brain, called brainstem where the right/wrong decision tree has the trunk converging the roots and diverging up into branches of imagination) why it was fought from the side of Sinhalis as like a textbook example of a just war.

I think that if for example US govt. will completely abolish posse comitatus and will try to use the standing army of federal armed forces (not only under command of 5gon but also DHS and Treasury) to fight American citizens - to violently coerce them into accepting a totalitarian regime of feds imposed most probably mainly for the purpose to advance plans for undemocratic fascist corporate (world) governance filling the coffers of the (by internationalist bankers and corporations) corrupted fifth column politicians in USA (which look like it is now a vast majority of the thugs in the federal government) and empty the wallets of Americans, then a war of citizens militia against such standing army will be simmilarly just as was the Sinhali war against Tamils - especially in the case the feds would use the terrorist tactics you described above.

With the American civil war I think the states indeed should have the right to secede, in general no question - the federation was found by sovereign states. But I object for the particular case of southern states - at the same time I think the abolitionist cause of the North for the war was indeed a just cause, because all the sovereign states which found the USA agreed at the very beginning with the very organic law making them legally sovereign called the Declaration of Independence which declared people equal with unalienable right to liberty - so they clearly didn't have a right to secede for purpose of perpetuating the ineffective and to debt leading slavery system (because it would again alienate the equal right to liberty) and they in purely legal sense clearly waived such right long before the American civil war -in 1776 by unanimous passing of the Declaration of Independence in the 2nd Continental Congress. In fact the slavery should be abolished already by the original Constitution, not 78 years later by 13 Amendment while even now we can hardly talk about practical equality in rights - especially in the case of indigenous people. I would say it bluntly: nobody can be sure USA is racism free just because it has a "black" president nobody even knows for sure if he is a natural born citizen, we will be sure it is racism free only when we will see in the Oval office a Native American.