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Comment: I got an answer for folks from Gary at RevPAC

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I got an answer for folks from Gary at RevPAC

If you haven't received your item, you need to contact RevPAC through their website.

According to Gary, they are still waiting for the manufacturer to deliver the finished product and are doing what they can. You should direct specific requests to

My own thoughts: I'm sure they are very frustrated w/ the manufacturer...obviously, it wasn't an ideal supplier situation--it is also a very original one-of-a-kind figure. I was able to travel with one when I was on the road doing video work for them--it's pretty awesome and I just had the prototype...and, no, I didn't get to keep it, I wish I had! I was so busy with my video work that I didn't even realize that it talked until I interviewed Matt McDonald in Maine:

I know this is a minority, here, but I need to get this off my chest. Some people here have slandered me because of the "pay" I received from RevPAC. I just want my friends here to understand that the funds I received from RevPAC were only for travel expenses and equipment. I lost my job because I devoted so much to our work in NH. Yep, I've been eating lots of ramen noodle!

Anyway, Let's hope this gets resolved soon.

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