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Great article. Now it is time to take everything to the next level. We now have many of the traitors identified. It is time to build the detailed the dossiers on each of the criminals committing these willful acts of treason. We need to bring the light to every detail of their wickedness and share it with the world. They are overthrowing/have overthrown our government for the sole purpose of their own pecuniary advantage while bringing all out tyranny to the people of the world. Their intentional efforts are to completely destroy our prosperity through the forced use of unlawful tender, neverending war and a domestic police state. All of this in order to satisfy their own lust for power and control which has no lawful basis for whatsoever. They have consented to us bringing them to justice and exposing every thing about their crimes for all the world to see.

When we gain the total awareness and know everything about the activities of the individual criminals who are intentionaly overthrowing our government, we can inform them that we are going to bring them to justice one way or another. We patriots need to get to the point where we can have near realtime access to every aspect of their crimial activities so that we can expose it to the world and fully inform them that they cannot hide anymore. We need to show them that they have officially awoken an army of sleeping giants and now the giants are coming to restore the peace and prosperity that these criminals have stolen from all the world. The days of the brainwashing and man behind the curtain are over. In order to defeat them we are going to have to come to grips with the fact that they are truly committing war crimes, economic crimes, fraud, extortion, and all out treason. We should be resolved that the seriousness of their crimes are MORE than worthy of the death penalty.

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