Comment: Life imitating art in a very bad way.

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Life imitating art in a very bad way.

Certainly everyone here is familiar with the reference here. James Bond supposedly had an elite "License to Kill" granted to him by the British government in the fictitious "007" movies.

I, in fact, had my very own plastic "007 Attache Case" when I was 10 years old, complete with a secret button to push to fire a plastic bullet from a secret, spring loaded gun built into the side of the case (the bullet traveled all of five whole feet) and a booby trap set to explode if anyone tried to open the case without the secret combination (it was really a device that set off a bang, a cap like "cap guns" used), plastic daggers, AND my very own genuine plastic 007 wallet WITH his "License to Kill". It had a real important lookling official seal printed on it and everything.

I remember marveling at the thought that James Bond was so important that he was granted the right to be judge, jury and executioner, without having to answer to ANYONE. "Wow" I thought. "How cool".

It was a 10-year old's fantasy.

But when you grow up you realize how fascist that power is. How wrong it is. How easily it can be and WILL be abused.

Obama still has the mind-set of a 10-year old boy.