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What we

need NOW, are people who don't GIVE UP before the Battle is over. This is exactly what the enemies of our movement want. Just look at the new group of trolls on this site, who are trying to divide us by saying things like:

Vote for ______ instead of RP. Intent: Ron Paul is finished, so you should vote for _____.

Don't fight back against the GOP and their FRAUD in court. Intent: Let yourself be bullied, you can't beat them - so you should "join" them. Don't rock the GOP boat, you'll end up getting "hurt".

The "Campaign" _____ us over, how could _____ do that to us, they wanted us to lose. Intent: Attack those who surround RP, thereby indirectly attacking RP himself. (He should FIRE ____, since he didn't - blah, blah, blah - negative, negative, negative - give up, give up, give up, - RP can't win, RP can't win, RP can't win.)

Well I'm here to say that RP is STILL in this race - like it or NOT. And I'm not quitting before the battle is over, I'm not buying what these enemies are selling... and neither should you.

Veterans for Ron Paul!
btw, this is not a diatribe against you truxtonc - we will need a full investigation - when the time is right.

"Government is the entertainment division of the military-industrial complex". - Frank Zappa