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first off no one is giving up

seems the only trolls around here are folks that cannot understand the simple concept of supporting someone if someone else doesn't get the nomination.

Many folks can walk and chew gum at the same time. Foks like you who want to label folks trolls for simply stating they would support gary if ron paul is not the nominee.

All i have seen is ron paul supporters calling gary folks names and then reporting to mods falsely they are trolls. This action itself by so called ron paul supporters is the type of actions that make me a RON PAUL SUPPORTER wanna tell other ron paul supporters to blow off.

gary supporters here have been nice in saying if ron paul is not the nominee, sounds like 1+1=2 though you and others in dp are quick to call folks trolls. Which drives everyone away. The ron paul purists are the ones that are basically trolling their own support away from ron paul and the gop. I am tired of the BS folks calling anyone that would support someone after the nomination is over a troll.

As i and many have said We support Ron Paul. I was a delegate and helped sweep ron paul 100% in my county but if ron paul is not the nominee. Then yes i will be supporting gary johnson over obamney!

dp has become a place where ron paul supporters attack folks for doing there job for ron paul and then trying to discuss and looking for option b if option a is not there.

I hope ron paul wins but if not i will be supporting gary johnson and hope paul joins the ticket after the corrupt gop's actions against ron paul. sincerely republican ron paul troll.

Ron Paul 2016