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rEVOLution candidate

I'm a newly elected committeeman and will be running for city council next election. We have a rEVOLution candidate running for city council in all wards in my city for the next election and we are all newly elected committeemen. Looking at past voter statistics and our current numbers we will all be elected. Mayor seat is a ? we dont know if we have the guaranteed numbers yet but we might still have someone run for it. We are getting rEVOLution candidates together to run for every elected seat in the city.

"The Granger" if your asking "What elected committee positions are they getting?" then you should run for committeeman in your city. You could start by first going through your phone from A to Z for people in your city call them and get them registered to vote you can download the PDF online. Find a place where you can print them out for free e.g. Work and go to them make sure they put their email so you can better stay in contact with them through and you could also use that email to sign them up for the Daily Paul newsletter. Then go to EVERY house on your block one by one to get people registered again make sure you get them to put their email on the registration paper so you can use it. After you have everyone on your block registered thats not registered go for a 2 block radius around your house. You want to create a better sense of community with in that 2 black radius so u can start a daily community walk/run every morning at 6am knock on doors tell them i'll be run/walking in the morning to get healthy at 6am would you like to join youll find that alot of people will if you have people with you all ready so I used my family first I got them to come out with me. we do a 1 to 2 block walk for the beginners then those that can run we run 2 blocks, etc. If you need help send me a direct message but the first thing you should do is look at your phone and get those people registered keep a pack in your car you go out, shopping, etc. ask at least one person to get registered remember you want to target people in your community. I target kids at the park, home owners, muslims, drug dealers, churches, etc. anywhere there is a small gathering and my pitch is just to leave you alone. I'm Haitian (black) and there are many segments of these quote minority groups that just want to be left alone. That don't want to be pulled over all the time and don't want to be profiled. Many of them are libertarian in mindset but are pulled in to a collectivist mentality due their environment. I've helped 60+ highschool and college kids get their business license and showed them how to purchase whole sale products online and sell them for profit in our city many of them are doing very good for themselves. Kids that dont have access to college I send them to University of the People ( to online free university to quire the knowledge they need to produce a product of value for the market.

Show people that there is a market solution to their issues when they see that they are less likely to go to the state. I have a large garden in my back yard I trade with people on my block for produce. I got the seeds free from a website I told them I want to create a urban community produce market and will put your website banner in front of the homes they said okay they sent me the seeds with banners now we have 11 houses including mine trading in produce. Each house has a specific vegetable or fruit what we don't use we sell to the local organic market they bag it and sell it.

I think this is long enough lol but yeah look at your phone and get those people registered and don't discriminate so I pre-label the sheets independent and it gives the liberty message a chance because since they are independent they can vote for either party on their first try.