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I too

Am an elected GOP Mendocino County district 4, central committee member, and I am up for a committee seat on my Board of Supervisors, whihc I plan to run for my district Board of Supervisors.

I thought the plan, Ron Paul's plan was we take the GOP. I did not want to join the GOP. I joined the GOP to become a Ron Paul delegates, which I am, listed in CA sec of state, district 2; however, Romney won the election (I was volunteer leader for the Ron Paul campaign of Mendocino, Humboldt, Del Norte, and Trinity Counties, and we got the most votes for Ron Paul. My county came in third in CA), Romney's delegates are going to the RNC.

I had to petition, qualify and sign papers, oath to constitution, loyalty to GOP and a 470 to become credentialed committee member. I have gotten several letters in the paper about Ron Paul, gone to many meetings, fraterinites, Women's League of voters, local political events where I have stood up and presented Ron Paul's take on the issues.

Our County is the most politically active county in CA. Of a population of 36K, 24K are registered to vote. Last election we had a low turn out, 10K voted for Obama, of about 5K Republicans over 3K voted for Romney, 756 voted for Ron Paul. There are lottle over 1K in all other parties combined. The non-partisian are mixed in the party's (as being an Indy means you have no representation at all) We have less than 100 registered Libertarians, they do not have a central committee or any meetings, GJ got 21 votes. Being associated wit the LP = marijuana grower. It is legal to grow and smoke marijuana here, so many people do that, but they do not associate with the LP party because it's an invitation to a house check.

It seems Ron Paul had a plan for taking the GOP, but those who could not bring themselves to join the GOP, have decided to divide into other parties and form a "group think", which I don't know how they plan to achieve any goal by being divided by party. Our primary elections provide ballots according to party registration, so if you are a LP member on our ballot, you have reduced your chances of getting elected to less than 100 votes, compared to a Democrat that has 10K on an election with a poor turn out. As a GOP, you might get 5K, which is still half of the Democratic Party, but you have the "Party Majority" to assure you are a runner in the general election.

In CA, they have made it so only two candiates will be on the ballot, a Dem and a GOP, so if you are a LP member, there is no way your 100 votes is going to qualify you. As I said, you can go door to door and every group and meetings, but because LP = marijuana grower, they are not going to sign, even if they are a grower. How many busted LP members does one need to see before you realize that?

So, I don't get the Liberty movement, except as someone said it's an idea. To me an idea is fine, but if there's no way to put that idea into reality, what's the point?