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Comment: The Printers-That-Be are not patient.

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The Printers-That-Be are not patient.

When they print more than folks can believe, a loss of confidence brings change. A chance of management occurs. Change takes time & money Goes by various names: war, pestilence or famine.

Hearken back to the times old.

Egyptian Kings (Pharaohs), Governors and other Rulers
The Kings of Egypt were not called Pharaohs by the ancient Egyptians. This word was used by the Greeks and Hebrews, and today is commonly used for the ancient Kings of Egypt.

Pharaohs Timeline The timeline commences at the beginning of the first Ancient Egyptian dynasty with the rule of the mysterious Scorpion and Narmer, then moving on to King Menes. The Ancient Egyptian Pharaohs Timeline then goes on to chart the great dynasties and Pharaoh Kings of Egypt including Tutankhamen, Ramses and Cleopatra. Dates of all of the successions and reigns of these Egyptian Pharaohs are detailed, where available, in the Pharaohs Timeline. Facts and information via the Pharaohs timeline. The Pharaohs Timeline details the important people and events, via a simple timeline, charting the key dates in the Ancient Egyptian history of the Pharaohs.

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