Comment: Keep Suzie Q. AWAY from the bridge

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Keep Suzie Q. AWAY from the bridge

There are some kids, some girls in particular, who get clubbed with math in school to the point of depression. I'm talking about girls who can't wrap their mind around basic math very well, not to mention the kids who get sent to "special ed."

Now you will never change a child's basic make-up or wiring no matter how many Fs a child is given or how many times a child gets held back a grade.

Is the torture of algebra really necessary for these children or might someone thoughtful and caring(maybe a mother) take time to help that child find things he or she IS good at and help them to grow in skills and knowledge in those areas? Does it do the child or society good or harm to try and force children to be what they were never meant to be? Does Suzie need to be force fed algebra when she is just gaining confidence in reading? Do we really need Suzie Q. to become an engineer and maybe play a part in designing bridges?

Maybe Suzie Q. loves food and can learn basic math while becoming a great cook. There are probably women who aced algebra who can't or who refuse to put a meal on the table while Susie's family raves about her kitchen prowess to the edifying of Suzie who is one happy lady knowing she has worth and is GOOD at what she was does. Why Suzie may have even learned to sew for her children or quilt which allows her to put geometry into real life practice. Geometry is much more interesting than algebra to girls it seems anyway. Imagine if Geometry and home economics could meet. That is possible but almost impossible inside "public" school.

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