Comment: I wish Apple would make iGlasses BUT...

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I wish Apple would make iGlasses BUT...

since that isn't going to happen...

I wish the site could... put the actual number of up and down votes along each side of the "margin" that appears atop every post.

The margin is not always representative of the actual reception a story gets on the site. A motivated minority can make an article appear either hated, ignored, or beloved just by affecting the margin.

For instance, what if an off-front page article had 25 up votes? How many off-front page posts typically get that many up votes? Now, what if that same article got down voted 30 times?

It appears that NO ONE found the post entertaining - which is false. This strategy could easily be accomplished by persons making numerous free accounts. They could manipulate the perception of viewers at the website into thinking these topics are unpopular - the masses begin to follow as they always tend to do.

This problem would likely discouraged if the total number of up and down votes were visibly present on the posts.

Thanks for your consideration.