Comment: Paul C Roberts always provides excellent commentary

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Paul C Roberts always provides excellent commentary

I keep saying the same thing...why doesn't someone in the DOJ arrest all the feaking traitors in DC?

The last paragraph of the letter he linked to is such crap.

"The Syrian people are asking for international assistance. It is apparent that American leadership is required to ensure the quickest end to the Assad regime's brutal reign, and to clearly show the Syrian people that, as you said on February 4, 2012, the people of the free world stand with them as they seek to realize their aspirations."

The Syrian people haven't asked for international assistance. The west just broadcasts lies and propaganda over the airwaves. "The people of the world" want show me where anyone but the top 1% want to keep fighting useless wars?

It's all such a joke to those of us who have woken up. I think the people in power know more are waking up each day and need to put their globalization plan on Fast Forward. But like PCR says...if we were a nation of laws...half the people in our Government would be serving hard time.