Comment: I can survive really well in the wilds of California

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I can survive really well in the wilds of California

Sierras - Shasta - Lassen - and High Forest Coastal Regions for probably 6 weeks with what I could carry in and acquire.

I know how long I can survive because I've tested myself.

Fewer than 1% of 1% of 1% could survive that long that well.

After that time ones "peace" starts to un-ravel if one does not have "long-run" survival skills + culture.

Farmers can go work a Farm even after being off the farm for 12 years

#1 They have long-run farming skills
#2 They have long-run farming culture

Back-breaking Construction Workers can go work Back-Breaking Construction Work even after being off-the-job for 12 years (assuming reasonable health)

#1 They have the skill
#2 They have the culture

What you're telling me and that everyone is "thumb-upping" you over is that what 5% (or more) of the country has these skills and that the loss of 95% of the people is acceptible?

Because I am positive that most people could not survive in the wilds -- mostly owing to culture.

I'm not saying it will come to this.

People keep ignoring my central argument that CONSUMPTION not GUNS will change the course -- as Ron Paul has said.

Maybe we can start "thumbs upping" Consumer-Sovereignty (Mises) and stop "fantasizing" about a Guns-Sovereignty.

But that's cool we had the 911-Truther and the Birther (I coined that phrase) distractions now we can have he guns-maintains-sovereignty distraction -- old baby-boomers as "outdoor survival" experts -- I mean we are like two or three generations away from the average person being 4 or 5 generations ex-farmers. Let alone hunters and long-run survivalists.