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Comment: Obviously, these people don't

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Obviously, these people don't

Obviously, these people don't think too much anyway, but they are NOT above the law, unless you believe that America has devolved into a lawless state. I don't think it has yet, but it's getting very close and hopefully these people will get their just reward someday...Having to get a 'Real' job...

Plus you have to consider that they are also afflicted with the 'Cop Attitude' where they think they're 'better' than everyone else... 'How DARE you question MY authority!!'

I like what Bloomberg said, all cops should go on strike until everybody turns in their weapons to the police... I submit if there are NO police and ordinary citizens were armed, (not everybody, but let the criminals guess who), you'd have a LOT less trouble on the street, and a LOT less cops writing reports AFTER the crime...So it's the first time in my life that I think Bloomberg makes any sense, although I don't think he meant it that way...