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Please tell me how in the

Please tell me how in the world you are going to get Ron Paul's name on the ballot! Please! I am not trying to be mean or hateful. I am facing the fact that the GOP WILL NEVER ALLOW Ron to be the nominee. If Gary Johnson is "allowed" in the debates, he has a very good chance of being elected. He is already on the ballot in at least 48 states, and hopefully all 50. I support Ron Paul 100% but also see the reality here.
We do need to focus on the polls and work to get Gary in the debates. I would be more than thrilled if the people in the debates were Paul, Johnson and Obama. We can't wait til after the convention (coronation) to get behind Gary Johnson.
There are so many battles to be fought and won. Just getting 3rd party candidates into the debates is one of them. A lot of my problems stem from the people that are now bashing Johnson are the same ones that were really happy to see 2 liberty candidates on the stage for the republican debates. Johnson was treated as badly or even worse than Paul was treated in 2007/2008 and the big lovers of liberty were fine with that.
But I digress. The original question is, how are you going to get Ron's name on the ballot?

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