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I suppose it could be that

I suppose it could be that people hate to face the reality that the GOP will NEVER allow Ron on the ballot. Hell's bells, he stopped running months ago. He has been on numerous shows lately and not once indicated that he is still a candidate. Now his "campaign" (Benton) says to be respectful and play nice at the coronation so some platforms and planks be accepted by Willard. His own son has endorsed Willard, but you insist Ron will win.
After stopping campaigning he asked for more money, now he wants money for delegates that have worked their asses off to be sold out. I am really tired of the people that will not accept the fact he is no longer a candidate. He has done fantastic things for this country. Millions have awakened to the terrible mess this nation faces. He is not a candidate.
People need to know that this movement is not about 1 man. It is about getting the people back in charge and getting the government out of our lives.
Also it would appear that freedom of speech or beliefs or even liberty only applies when others agree with YOU. So you really are no better than the dictators we have in office now.
And God love ya cuz ya got up votes!!! lol (and what good are those up votes as far as getting Paul on the ballot? I really do not care about up or down votes by people that are living in a make believe world that consists of having a voice in the GOP.)

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