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for wishing me luck.

But, if you want your friends to quit getting busted for pot, vote for Gary Johnson. Obama has been tougher than Bush, and Romney equated drug use to murder earlier in the cycle on HLN.

By the way, your on dimethyltryptamine every night when you go to sleep. Your brain produces it naturally. There have never been any reported deaths from it as far as I know. I'm pretty sure you can't even OD on it.

So, hating on Kokesh for taking DMT is unavoidably hypocritical in a technical sense.

Regardless of what others do, you have no right to police it unless it has a significant probability of affecting another person's liberty. For instance, I can drink but not drive intoxicated. Kokesh sitting at home smoking a whatever his little heart desires is no business of yours or mine.

It's time to legalize drugs to avoid idiotic occurrences like people experimentally smoking bath salts and eating other people's faces off. Drug prohibition is worthless.