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Hey Mikezelot

I don't think anyone is trying to evade your question. Several folks have tried to give you a straight answer.

I think the problem is your premise. I don't know if it is true that the Brits had it better than us. I can right now go out and get a a brand new $30,000 Dollar car and drive it away, without spending a dime today. Life expectancy is longer. I can buy way more stuff than colonial Brits could because goods are cheap disposable crap made in China, and when it breaks I can throw it away and buy another. I can even charge it, and pay it off later! If I break my leg, and I'm poor and broke, I can call 911 to send an ambulance and take me to the hospital, and they will fix me up. And when it comes time to pay, I can let it go to collections, or file some paperwork so the government will pay for it, or if I have a job that provides medical, or if I happen to be a Native American, I can flash a plastic card, and someone else will pay for it.

You make a good point but I think I can explain why unemployment was so low in Britain. If you were unemployed, the government would round you up, kidnap and enslave you, and force you to be a sailor in the English Navy. If you didn't go, it was imprisonment or off with your head! That'll keep unemployment low!

Also, you have to remember that England was doing what was in her best interests, at the expense of everyone else. We aren't. The U.S. is doing what is in the best interest of globalism, to the detriment of our own populace. The U.S. is busy spreading democracy and promoting the U.N. charter, to the detriment of our Republic and our Constitution.