Comment: Is it over?

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Is it over?

It is glaringly obvious that the CFL and Rand Paul have made a collaborated effort to destroy Ron Paul and all we who have supported Dr. Paul throughout the years. So what will the delegates do now? You really have no choice. You MUST VOTE RON PAUL ON THE FIRST BALLOT IN TAMPA! If you do not, then you have made a moral decision to support Romney. Can you really live with that? You MUST STAND WITH YOUR CONSCIOUS.. The "Lawyers for Ron Paul" will support you.

The CFL have forsaken our sacred mission to support Ron Paul to the very end. They have abandoned us. The only recourse now is to make a R3voltionary stand against the establishment! That is who we are.. If you compromise now you will nullify the entire movement.

I am in awe of the delegates who will go to the
GOP convention in Tampa. This may well be the most courageous and world changing event in your entire lives. I Thank you for your relentless convictions and sacrifices you have made.

Please continue the fight for all of us who need you so desperately. We need you... and Dr. R on Paul. Please help our nation.. You are our only hope.