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Website Tech Issues - New

Michael and Mods:

A few tech issues the past few days:

1. The web pages are loading EXTREMELY slow if at all;
2. the pages don't load fully - the connection keeps processing, trying to download ads and it never finishes - so the reload/refresh button never appears;
3. the color change in the archives for 'subject postings' "viewed/clicked" doesn't work anymore on the 'specific dates'-however, still works for "date" clicked, or postings continually running under "New". It's been a big help and pleasure since you initiated it. Thank you for having done it so instantly! ;0

4. I'm noticing page formatting errors as of 8/1/12 - just once. (Right panel was blank and moved to bottom of left panel.)


a. Premium Forum wasn't accessible on DP Free Weekend so couldn't preview. :( (but that may have been intentional?) Thanks for free preview of rest.

b. Can you offer memberships for $5/YEAR that include Standard options + upgraded user posts/comments and friends, please? More of us support you but cannot afford higher. [edit: only my own posts/comments with votes upgrade]

c. Can you please fix mod box so links re-direct to actual posts in mod box, like in other normal posts, because it's too hard to hunt for them.

Can you re-organize mod box into sections or something so it's easier to use and view?