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here is some info on the bitcoin

I find the bitcoin very interesting, as Gov is in a catch 22 with it: right now, there is no regulation, since if they regulate, they are acknowledging it as a currency. Also, no third party(ie banks) no worrying about any of the "bank" problems either-- no third party in any bitcoin transaction. Can be exchanged anytime also. I do worry that if i invested in it, and then the criminals hit the kill switch, that without internet, you have no access. I have a friend that is hoarding them, and I have the only Lawn & Landscaping svc in Ormond bch FL that accepts bitcoin as payment. I could be wrong, but doesnt this align with Paul's ideas of competing currency? I am under the impression that if (or when) they finally crash the dollar, that the bitcoins will still be there, and will be able to be exchanged for currency from a country that doesnt abuse their monetary system, since the bitcoin doesnt seem to have borders. More info in links below:

it would be great if this would catch on, if we spread this info, maybe we could enjoy a way out from under the FEDs dirty hand.The more people that use it, the more usable it will be. Imagine if we all just started using something like this, and just ignored the FED coupons.

there has been some hijinx by hackers regarding the bitcoin, encryption highly recommended, TOR has a bitcoin wallet for their browser.

interested in feedback and ideas on how to spread these ideas. (something we are pretty good at) another way to opt out of the enslavement system----peace.