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One thing that gets me

is so many people are talking about how the person in front of them paid for their chicken sandwich. I am actually laughing out loud typing this.

People are making such a big deal about that. Then they go on to say they bought the persons chicken sandwich behind them and how its all warm and fuzzy. Its like saying "I'll buy your sandwich if you buy mine." Obviously hardly anyone is benefitting from this as the people who went to Chic Fil A with the intention of buying a chicken sandwich. And in the end thats what they did, just maybe not for themselves.

I am a Christian but I do agree Chic Fil A is not healthy, as most fast food isnt. It was a noble gesture though to support Chic Fil A's owner for publicly supporting the 1 Christian value of heterosexual marriage. On the other hand if your a Christian business owneer in the food industry, why would you use chemicals that are known to be toxic? That is not a Christian value.

Glad he is honoring the sabbath by taking 1 of the 7 days off as the Lord has commanded, but he is still comitting sin by serving food with toxins.

So basically everybody celebrated a Christian value of heterosexual marriage which is NOT a sin, for the PURPOSE of it not being a sin by comitting a sin of eating toxic food.