Comment: Maddow is a joke

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Maddow is a joke

I have absolutely no respect for her as a journalist, and do not have any interest in anything she has to say. Do not get me wrong, I have plenty of issues wtih Mitt Romney, but she does not care to raise any of the ones that matter.

She is attacking Romney simply because of the "R" next to his name, he could believe exactly the same things and have a "D" there and this 18-minute useless rant would not have occurred.

I could not care less about Romney's tax returns, when exactly he left Bain Capital, or all this other stupid political garbage to keep the talk away from the erosion of our liberties, the destruction of our dollar, the continued disappearance of the middle class, and our endless foreign policy adventurism.

Shutup Maddow, stop spewing your venom like Bill O'Reilly and all the other talking heads and talk SUBSTANCE. However, she won't do that, because then her guy Obama will fail the test just as bad as that joke Mitt Romney.