Comment: No, don't expect the RNC to embrace Ron Paul at all.

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No, don't expect the RNC to embrace Ron Paul at all.

The RNC, in their feeble attempt to re-gain control of the federal checkbook, have insisted on pushing the Mittster into the ring. They made sure every other candidate got a "surge" along the way to highlight the inevitable champion Mitt. (Surge for all except Paul) The fallacy of their plan is that Mitt is going to prove unelectable. He's just not endearing to anyone. Nice guy, means well, but he's a Mormon, enriched by the very Wall St. that most people are becoming loathsome of, and then there's Obama. A socialist/marxist/illegal alien dude if there ever was one, but oh, the charisma and the smart plays behing the scenes. He'll out slick the RNC and Mitt with one hand tied behind (holding a beer) his back! I do believe that if the RNC would have played fair, Ron Paul would be the nominee, and he'd win, and America would begin to right the ship, but we all know this is not the case. Get ready for 4 more years of Obama, and watch out, he'll go haywire with government growth.

alan laney