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Comment: I don't think anyone can really know at this point popfree

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I don't think anyone can really know at this point popfree

It's entirely possible that come November Rand's endorsment of Romney could (in some way I have to admit I don't see right now) will have made sense. But if ANY of us who are competely out of the loop to think we know what the real reason behind Rand's official positions really are, are claiming to know much more than they can possibly know.

I hate people that are vague and who do things that go against what I see as logical but many times in my life, as time passes and more information beomes available to me...decsisons others made which at the time I thought were illogical end up making sense.

We are not being forced to make any personal decisons based on Rand's current I just ignore them. They are not consistant with what I beleive but at this point they have no affect on me so it's pointless in my view to waste time worrying about what Rand does or doesn't do.

As far as Luke being pushy...I've never been comfortable with that type of in your face quesitioning but the facts are that our Government officals have sheilded themselves from critism. Most of us now know that criminals have invested the highest offices in our country. If Luke has the stones to keep doing what he does...I have no problem with it. Luke has changed a lot over the past year and does appear to try his best not to yell or become rude.

If I had to put money on who was more honest...Luke or a public official...I'd be all in with Luke.