Comment: I am personally getting tired

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I am personally getting tired

I am personally getting tired of the Paul family cult worship by some on this board. The Capitol belongs to the people and ANYONE should be allowed to ask questions when any public official, again voted in and paid by the people, are walking the hallways.

If Barney Frank or another empty suit tried this crap, everyone here would rightfully condeem it as an attempt to silence the alternative media and dissent. But if Rand does it, we have folks falling over themselves to come up with reasons to justify it, including wild conspiracy theories to try and smear Luke.

Rand is not Ron. He is a separate person and it's time for him to stand on his own two feet. This, his endorsement of the anti-Paul Mittens Romney, his vote for sanctions on Iran, etc. have casted great doubts to many. He also does not want to openly talk about the Bilderberg group as that is a no-no, when he was very willing in the past when he was unknown and needed the support of many here.

I can no longer offer Rand anymore support than I'd allow a DeMint.

And I don't give a damn if you Paulbots vote me down. You have compromised your beliefs to continue your worship of Rand and proven idiots like Mark Levin that he was right about some in the movement.