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I don't think it's a conspiracy at all...

Willard's "frontrunner" status is simply a product of the status quo media slurping a status quo candidate, as well as the older generations falling for the same old GOP fearmongering about "Christian values" and brown people.

I truly think the GOP is delusional enough to believe Willard is actually electable. Otherwise, no way would they have spent so much time and effort propping him up over the past two years or so. They're just too intellectually lazy to respond to people's dislike of Obama with something more substantial than "here's another person with an R next to his name, and he says he doesn't like Obama". They certainly don't want Willard to actually run on his liberal record, and they're too shallow to meaningfully debate policy, so we're left with an unelectable candidate with nothing to say.

Thankfully, we have a choice in Tampa. Hopefully, enough people make the right one.

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