Comment: Morning Mods,

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Morning Mods,

I have been encouraged to read Ron Paul’s books by ID We the People. That made me wonder how many of us are here subscribing to the DP, supporting Dr. Paul, donating to Dr. Paul, cheering on Dr. Paul, but never reading any of his books.

I was also thinking it would be interesting to be able to discuss those books. It was brought to my attention that the books are not available within the Daily Paul store. Was wondering if the DP would benefit by selling Dr. Paul’s books; both maybe financially as well as an education tool for Friends of Liberty, so that we might somewhat stay on the same page of Liberty as it is acheived.

In the words of ID Mark Twain

“I am oft here. Your suggestion to offer more original Dr Paul reading in our reading room here at the Inn has my support. Directly selling Ron Paul's published works is in line with the mission of DailyPaul.
Perhaps we should speak directly to our innkeeper: DailyPaul Suggestion Box”

That makes at least 2 of us that think it might perhaps be a good idea.