Comment: Biggest threat is Israel with more than 300 nukes...

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Biggest threat is Israel with more than 300 nukes...

and I dare them to set one off--they won't; they use it like a shield and shoves us in front to take the bullet; they want us to take Iran out, to push the button and fire ours off. They have their paid Israeli operative/minions in Congress (follow/review how the large % of the Jewish Congressperson voted for the straight facts) pulling our finger back against the trigger. We are the sacrificial goat and I say this backed by the empirical voting data readily available for validation. To what end would a war with Iran bring the us/U.S.--NOTHING--ABSOLUTELY ZERO; in the whole wide world, Israel is the only benefactor at the cost of American lives, blood, money, liberty, and reputation.

I am thankful that Russia and China are against this insane itch and hope they continue to back sanity over Israel's bull. Isn't it ironic that these two communist countries' disagreement with our government is actually working to protect us from our sacrificial role?!!!

Congresspersons swore allegiance to this country--no other--The next time some schmuck (like Schumer, Libermann, Bloomberg, etc.) says "I'm for Israel" on his political stage remind him is on U.S. soil and he should be for NO OTHER COUNTRY than the United States of America!!!--After you remind him of his betrayal go vote for the other person to give him a taste of his own medicine and to hit home the POINT--U.S. government must SUPPORT THIS COUNTRY FIRST AT ALL TIMES!!!

I say: if you can't make it better, don't make it worst!