Comment: This reminds me of the birther controversy

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This reminds me of the birther controversy

I think that Romney will at some time release some additional tax records - probably not 10 years but several and I think that they will show that he did in fact pay taxes and make significant charitable contributions - for some reason he didn't want the Dems to go over his personal records in detail and make issues out of nothing but it is obvious that it would be less damaging to release than to not release - I wonder though if after he does release whether any of these media sharks like Maddaw will have the integrity to admit that they in fact lied themselves - good luck on that one.

This is just like the birther issue - I hate what Obama represents for this country but I do believe that he was born an American citizen. Now will the left admit that they may hate Romney because of his wealth and success but that he is not a liar or a felon? Good luck on that one too.

I think that Romney will release tax records for prior years and I wonder how the critics will handle the truth when it is presented.