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@chuqfu: There are some things I do not agree with...

No one in the world agrees with another 100%, we are only one of our unique self.

I am in agreement with Paul 80% and that's more agreement than I have with any other person I share this earth with.

I differ with him on the environment (he's not quite on board with global warming), the nineleve attack (I objectively from a science base analysis firmly believe it was domestic), and a couple of other minor positions. He has religious belief but because he is able to separate his faith from his governance, (his view on abortion and capital punishment were mostly a reflection of personal fairness rather than religious exercise) I respect him for that. It is that unselfish relinquishment to impose himself upon another individual, the basis of his fundalmental principle of liberty, that joins our personhood. I'd only see and would describe him as fair minded--he has religion BUT religion does not have him. No one was born knowing god--this was taught or put onto you. In fact, no religion despite the thousands of years of teaching know what god is, so why should I allow anyone to preach what they don't know to me. He does not.

I say: if you can't make it better, don't make it worst!