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The X-47B is an unmanned

The X-47B is an unmanned vehicle with a length of 38 feet and a wingspan of 62 feet, powered by a turbofan. So like any airplane or jet it has a minimum speed, it can't hover. The triangles that have been reported have often been much larger (although not always), can hover, and have 3 bright downward facing lights at the corners. Also, many of them were seen 20 years ago, before the X-47B existed.

That doesn't mean the triangles aren't man made, but the X-47B can't explain most of them.

As for the TR3B, that seems to be about as speculative as the alien spacecraft theory. Various websites repeat the claims that it is nuclear powered, uses a highly conductive plasma to somehow cancel out gravity (huh?) and, get this, was reversed engineered from alien UFOs. So if I believe those sites I have to believe in alien UFOs anyway, as well as a lot of physics that, if true, should have won the discoverers Nobel prizes.