Comment: What this issue proves to me

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What this issue proves to me

The Ron Paul movement is unified in its opposition to the prevailing two party system and everyone involved claims to be a proponent of liberty but there are HUGE DIFFERENCES IN VALUES AND BELIEFS within the movement that just seems to get swept under the rug by all involved - the passion and fervor for Ron Paul overrides the differences right now but long term I don't think the movement can survive as long as the competing visions that are so obvious are not reconciled someway - I feel that the core is libertarian but there is a huge group that is really just radical right wing drawn by the shared distrust of the federal government and there is another huge group that are really left wingers who are drawn primarily because of the pacifist foreign policy. Eventually these groups will not have Romney or Obama to focus on or will it have the Ron Paul charisma to unite the groups - then things will get interesting.