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Natural Rights are nothing

Natural Rights are nothing more than a good idea. A very good idea. We don't have anything we cannot claim and then defend. You can "claim" to have all the rights in the world, but when the S.W.A.T. kicks in your door to deprive you of life/liberty/property, your declairation of rights are not going to stop the bullets, nor you from being dragged out like a slave and stuffed into a cage.

Those who depend on fictional characters to insure their rights and protect them from tyranny are begging to be subjegated or destroyed.

This is war. Hot or cold, we are opposed by collectivist control freaks who want to enslave us, if we want our lives, liberty and property, we fight for them or loose them, simple as that. History shows that odds of victory are "not" on our side. The American revolution was a fluke, and we owe our final victory to France. France won't be bailing us out this time.

But we have tools our predecesors never had. We have the internet and it is uniting the world against Tyranny. It is so powerful that it might allows us to win a revolution without firing a shot, but don't count on it. The Collectivists will not surrender their power and will slaughter millions to keep it. God will not save you any more than Buddah or Muhamad will. At best, your belief in these things will give your morale a boost if you need it. The Declairation of Independance will not stop bullets, but its principals will solidify your knoweldge that you're fighting for freedom. People who are fighting for a true cause fight harder. A true soldier with a cause is worth 5 government slave soldiers.