Comment: Calling the son of Ron Paul a

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Calling the son of Ron Paul a

Calling the son of Ron Paul a traitor and sell-out publically on a website that his MOTHER probably reads is stupid, mean spirited, arrogant, paranoid, counter-productive, and pointless.

Worse, its a betrayal to Ron Paul who deserves better. That you can't give Rand the benifit of the doubt out of respect for his father until some actual proof arises shows an utter lack of respect for Ron Paul. I would never suggest blind faith in anyone, its wise to question, and perhaps even suspect... however at least keep your rude, mud-slinging rebukes and gotcha ambush style journalism of Rand to yourself and your pals until you have evidance. The man who AWOKE freedom in America deserves that much dont you think?

You accomplish nothing but to insult and injure Ron Paul.
Lessen our chances of getting a Liberty candidate elected.
Cause division among us.
Make yourself look like a paranoid idiot.
and last, load the MSM up with amo to call us all crazy lunitics.

The Art of War says that we should play to our strengths and our enemies weaknesses. Guess what... the establishment is doing just that. They know that our main weakness is that we tend to be overly paranoid and distrutful. Thats why we questioned authority in the first place. How easy it is for them to exploit this and make us canablize our own movement by introducing a conspiracy theory about Rand Paul into our midsts.

Be smarter than dumb animals being led to the slaughter. None of us can win this alone. You have to put your trust in others now and then, and if you can't trust the Pauls, who the @#$% can you trust?

Have a little faith and remember that Rand Paul was born and raised in Ron Paul's house. Stop being a paranoid asshole and roll the dice for liberty.