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You have the freedom to wear

You have the freedom to wear a Ron Paul shirt and go take a dump on the White House lawn. That doesn't mean you aren't an idiot who will cause irrepairable harm to our movment in doing so when you become the poster child for our movement on the MsM.

This has nothing to do with cult worship of Ron or Rand Paul. Its about our movement and its odds of prevailing over the Collectivist Juggernaught which is doing a damn good job of crushing human liberty. Thats not to say Dr. Paul isn't worthy of a little respect.

Attacking Rand Paul hurts our movment. Asking him about the Builderberg is their right, but it remains a gotcha question with no possible correct answer that will make Rand Paul look bad to other idiots. If you want to live in an Orwelleon nightmare with no rights and no freedoms, in constant fear, go ahead and keep acting like idiots and hurting our movment with stupid stunts like this one by RT. But I will oppose you because I have in interest in living in a country free of Collectivism.