Comment: It's really a shame

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It's really a shame

that this site has been hijacked by the Johnson supporters. Don't get me wrong, great guy, great ideas. If Dr. Paul doesn't become the nominee, fine, have at it with the information regarding Johnson, until then we are supporting Ron Paul for president. Is there no other site to discuss Johnson, no libertarian sites? Is it that one is unaware of the divisive nature of this topic. Is it that one has lost hope in the chance that Dr. Paul win be the nominee? What is the intent behind the constant updating of Johnson information? Does one feel Johnson will run against Obama for POTUS? Is one trying to show us that there are other freedom minded people in the world and one of them has the last name Johnson? Please explain, maybe we can go back and forth a bit and get to the bottom of this. Please don't respond with the freedom of speech thing, it is not relevant to my questions.