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examples of supranationally concerted interventionism

1]EU is a supranational entity which massively intervenes in virtually every market on the territory of the EU member states using massive subsidies, regulations, common fiat currency and bailouts. All the market regulations are primarily created by unelected EU Commission and it is mandatory for the EU member nation states to implement them in their national laws or face sanctions. This has not only huge influence on the inner market, but considerably hinders markets abroad - the largest environmental/economic catastrophe inflicted by this system in collusion with USA and Canada is rapid depletion of rainforests in South America and southeastern Asia due to directing biofuel subsidies there and it also led to considerable rise of food prices globally which starves and kills scores of the poor in the third world.

2] Single Euro currency was admittedly planned and concerted efforts made by prominent corporate captains associated in Bilderberg Group since its very inception. European Central Bank although being statutory institution of EU is owned by private internationalist subjects on undisclosed shares basis.

3] All central banks in the world (including FED) except in Northern Korea and Iran (recently also Lybia under Gaddafi) operate under system Basel III directed by board of Bank for International Settlements - the same bank which have stollen the gold in Europe during WWII and financed fascism and nazism and which was unsuccessfully dissolved already by Bretton Woods Agreement in 1944, but then never observed (the proposal to dissolve BIS was pushed through by US treasury secretary Henry Morgenthau - who resigned from the office exactly one year after signing the then unobserved Bretton Woods Agreement and subsequent Soviet withdrawal and failure to functionally realize his radical plan for postwar Germany division and heavy deindustrialization which proved impossible under Truman without late FDR who fully supported it and even persuaded Churchill to support it - which if implemented would most probably prevent plans to ES - led then from the very beginning by the prominent nazi war criminal Walter Hallstein advancing then the fascist economy plans and leading to advancement of nazi plans to undemocratic political union which now again Germany wants to change into full-blown federation - even without any support of Great Britain and with very cold support of France - which I find extremely dangerous move and I think that if there somebody would have at least halfbrain in the US government it should be immediately strongly thumbdown by US diplomacy and military and strong message sent they'll never allow Germany the sovereignity to conclude any federation. Unfortunately those who don't remember the history are doomed to repeat it...).

4] International corporations as Monsanto, operating globally using institutes of international patents inflict their patented GMO plants on major as well as small agriculture countries and effectively hinder the competition at the markets with basic food agrocommodities as well as the main textile commodity cotton and possibly endangering biodiversity and public health. The concerted interventionism here? The international patent protection creates global monopoly but without viable way to also globally enforce anti-monopoly laws and protection of market against such monopoly if inflicting dammages. In reality it then leads to draconian preventive measures of GMOs regulations or even bans, which for example in EU has clearly supranational character.

5] Global environmentalist oraganizations as Greenpeace or Club of Rome inflict extremely twisted informations and anti-nuclear ideologies on gullible public in most of the western countries which effectively led to concerted protests for decades on the edge of mob terrorism and eventually to nuclear overregulation and phaseouts or stall in numerous major western countries including USA.

6] The same organizations in collusion with UN try to impose global carbon tax on the base of the Anthropogenic Global Warming scam which would need a form of global government body to enforce the tax. Even without this system there are whole continental emissions markets based on Kyoto protocol which quickly proved to be one of the largest financial scams ever and nevertheless had major influence on national regulations. It is notable that the association of several environmentalist organizations led by Greepeace proposal for the failed UNFCCC even contained explicite prohibition to "B" developing countries to go nuclear. The UNFCCC failed partly because larger CO2 emmissions producers and energy consumers China and subsequently USA fortunately eventually refused to participate and partly in the wake of the Climategate scandal.

7] All major military interventions in last two decades I named in my last post were concerted by coalitions of numerous states under auspices of NATO which led to perpetuation of un-free trade with energetic commodities effectively controlled by petrodollar doctrine.

8] The "sustainable development" ideology started by "Limits to Growth" ideological pamphlet and establishing Club of Rome in 1972 had the ideology of nuclear phaseout and so far epicaly failed ideology of population control (the world population doubled since beginning of 1970's) in its platform from the very beginning and because members of the Club of Rome are prominent politicians from all over the world it had major impact on national energetic doctrines and led to nuclear phaseouts and stalls in numerous countries including the nuclear energy leader USA. And because the energetics doctrines are key for the markets of most important energy commodities as coal, natgas, gasoline, diesel, kerosene and electricity prices it had major impact on prices of production and logistics in real economics with major impact on final retail prices of almost everything for the consumers - who although unhappy with the end prices have not much effective influence to change this international energy cartelism.
Breaking of this cartel, which is arguably most influent organization on Earth, is primary immediate vital interest of humankind and especially the interest of the western countries -which would be almost inevitably as major energy consumers affected most and their high living standard destructed if this cartel survives and nuclear R&D will not be restarted to fully substitute fossil fuels - then too high energy prices inevitably given by rising demand/decreasing production would become major component of retail prices and make whole global economy plunge in unstoppable recession of > -5% GDP/year at the latest in ~2035. -After this point the total global collapse of technologic civilization and dying-out of most of the world's population would be in such case inevitable.
Only country which currently makes sound major steps to avert this very possible development is China. But if China would have 4th generation Fluoride MSR technology commercialized (estimated 2025-30) and using its money and influence licenced and patented and the west not having the technology developed into commercial phase, it will face major contender which could effectively colonize it, because using the qualitatively new bussiness models which this scallable technology allows it would decentralize the national electricity markets, remove need for grid and globally control both major industry and retail consumer electricity market and could become most powerful empire in history. (still better then global malthusian catastrophe)

Just from this examples is I believe clear that the most important concerted hinderings of free markets, trade and consumers ability to make informed decisions not only very really exist, but are also the most dangeous interventions not only for the free markets, free trade and free world, but the world in general.