Comment: If Dr. Paul does not get the

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If Dr. Paul does not get the

If Dr. Paul does not get the nomination at the convention and he has said the campaign is about the message and not the man, then why would you not vote for the ONLY person who remotely follows the ideology of Ron Paul?

If the choices are BO, MR and GJ; why would you not vote for Gary Johnson? To cast a protest vote that wouldn't show up anywhere? Its not much of a protest if nobody is aware you are protesting, right?

Also, if Dr. Paul says "Vote Johnson" do we all say, "nope we're casting never to be seen protest votes for you"?

I say a prayer and hope everyday that Ron Paul gets the nomination, as he would become our next President. That I have no doubt. That all being said, with the Revolutions' momentum and a candidate on the ballot, again, would Johnson be the worst choice of the three (or four if you count the Green Party)?

"Keep your hands out of my pockets and stop telling me what to do!"